Outdoor Construction & Decoration

GharGhaderi.Com provides the standard services regarded with outdoor construction and building outdoor systems.

Our team of designers, architects and specialists will give you a perfect design and complete the project within the time.

We build expertly designed custom swimming pools, ponds, fountains integrated with latest technology and attached in heavenly made landscape designs carved of Granite, Limestone, Marble, Natural Stone and other natural materials. Our experienced designers and expert staff can assist you for the maintenance of your pool for years.

We install and replace existing fences, gates and railings. We have wide collection of wood, PVC, aluminium, steel, chain fences and gates which can be installed from gardens to terrace.

GharGhaderi.Com provides you the service of building classic and natural gardens, nursery, and landscape designs. You can shop all tools, products and utilities in our store. Shop Outdoor Products & Utilites outdoor

We design and build custom outdoor kitchens, dining room, living room, and lounge areas, deck and patios in your gardens or terrace..


1. Outdoor construction and build outdoor utility systems

2. Build Custom swimingpools, ponds, fountains

3. Design and install fence, gates and railings of wood, PVC, aluminium, steel

4. Build classic and natural gardens, nursery and landscape designs

5. Build custom outdoor deck, patios, lounge areas, kitchen, dining, living room in your garden or terrace

6. Build residencial garage and driveways

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