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GharGhaderi.Com provides the service of aesthetic Architectural Building Designs and House Plans [3D & Rendered] designed by licensed Architects, analyzed by Structural and Civil Engineers. All designs are designed to be fit with the Nepalese Soil type.All designs and development process will especially focus on Earthquake Resistance.

We design and construct all kinds of buildings, colleges, exhibits, factories, hotels, houses, schools, hospitals, towers, Villa with creative and innovative architecture and interior.

We include Selection of Furnishing, Interior Designing and Decoration, Supervision of Construction Work and the Examination, Restoration and Remodeling of existing buildings and structures.

We Build Hi-tech Swimming Pools, Landscape Designs, Landscape Architects, Fences, Gardens, Outdoor Play Systems and many more..

All designs and construction are appropriate to the context of Nepal, and acceptable by 'The Building Act, 2055' of Nepal, which makes necessary provisions for the handling of building construction works and activities to protect all architectural structures against earthquake, fire and other natural disaster.

We offer the service of Vastu Consultations for: Homes, Offices, Shops, Factories, Hotels and others. Our Bastu Consultants will cover your curiosity and fullfill your needs.

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1. Architectural Engineering and Classic Building Designs

2. Building Construction, General Contracts, Furnishing and Decoration

3. Supervision and Eximination of Construction Work

4. Real Estate Property Development, Construction Management, Interior Design and Decoration

5. Remodel Houses, Landscape Designs & Architecture and Outdoor Properties

6. Build or Design Outdoor Systems : Build Pools, Spas, Gardens, Outdoor Play Systems

7. Vastu Consultation and Vastu Friendly Properties

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