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Land for sale Excellent Land for sale closest to Highway at Thecho Lalitpur with very lowest price even than non excellence area out there. Property is unbeatable.
रु. 18,00,000 /Aana

6 Aana 13 ft Road

Thecho Godawari, Lalitpur

Property Portal Nepal ID 3936

Sasto Jagga Bikrima at Godawari Jharuwarshi VDC-07
रु. 25,00,000 /Aana

0-4-1-3 20 ft Road

Jharuwarshi 07 Godawari, Lalitpur

Mahesh ID 3933

Land for sale
रु. 22,00,000 /Ropani

1500 Sqft 20 ft Road

Sadobato LMC, Lalitpur

Gokul ID 3921

land for sale in Lele
रु. 13,00,000 /Aana

2 ropani 15 ft Road

Lele Lubhu, Lalitpur

Seller ID 3900

Land on sell at nakhu corridor
रु. 30,00,000 /Aana

2 ropani 1 aana 40ft Road

Nakhu corrior 14 LMC, Lalitpur

Suraj ID 3877

Land for sale in Bhaisepati
रु. 45,00,000 /Aana

5 anna 2 paisa 2dam 13 Road

Bhainsepati to sikaliway 18 LMC, Lalitpur

Suraj ID 3872

Land on sale in Taukhel
रु. 24,50,000 /Aana

5 20 ft Road

Taukhel Lalitpur, Lalitpur

Bobby ID 3868

Land for Urgent Sale at Chapagaun, Tahakhel
रु. 19,90,000 /Aana

1200 sqft 16 ft Road

Tahakhel, Chapagaun Godawari, Lalitpur

Neetu ID 3856

Residential land for sale/sell in Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal at low price.
रु. 42,00,000 /Aana

3 aana 3 paisa 3 daam 16 ft Road

Hattiban 1 LMC, Lalitpur

Property Portal Nepal ID 3846

Land on sale at Kitini Godawari- 100 mts from road, 20 ft road accessible to the plot. Good location, Good price.
रु. 24,00,000 /Aana

4.5 aana 20 ft Road

Godawari- Kitani LMC, Lalitpur

Pramod Bhatta ID 3818

Jharwarasi, santaneshwor
रु. 19,00,000 /Aana

6 ana 20 ft Road

Jharuwarasi, santaneshwor 13 LMC, Lalitpur

Nirmal ID 3811

रु. 27,00,000 /Aana

4 20 ft Road

HARISIDI 0 Harisiddhi, Lalitpur

Sohan ID 3808

Lalitpur, Sunakothi
रु. 85,00,000 /Sqft

1924sqft 3ft Road

sunakothi 27 LMC, Lalitpur

Sudeep ID 3792

4.5 aana land sale, Bhaisepati
रु. 46,00,000 /Aana

4.5 Road

Magargaun, Sainbu, Bhaisepati 18 LMC, Lalitpur

Rauniyar ID 3788

Land for sale in Karkitar
रु. 18,00,000 /Aana

3 aana 20 ft Road

Godamchaur 2 Godawari, Lalitpur

Usha ID 3787

New Land For Sale at Tikathali-5
रु. 35,00,000 /Aana

2 ana 2 paisa 2 daam 10 Feet Road

Tikathali 5 Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur

Jitendra Prasad Manandhar ID 3773

4, 5 and 9 Aana Land in Gokul Awas, Bhaisepati
रु. 51,00,000 /Aana

9 Aana/ 4 Aana/ 5 Aana Road

Bhaisepati, Gokul Awas Karyabinayak, Lalitpur

Avish ID 3760

Residential  property for sale
रु. 25,01,000 /Aana

1-10-0-0 20 ft Road

Thaiba 14 Godawari, Lalitpur

krishna ID 3759

Residential  Land for sale
रु. 26,55,000 /Aana

0-4-1-0 20 ft Road

Godawari Highway 14 Godawari, Lalitpur

krishna ID 3758

Land For sale
रु. 1,85,01,000 /flat

0-6-2-0 15 mtr Road

Hadigaon 14 Godawari, Lalitpur

krishna ID 3755

Land on sale 250m form sano gau bhatvateni
रु. 48,00,000 /Aana

3 aana 30 ft Road

Nearest for sano gau bhatvateni Tikathali, Lalitpur

Abiral Sharma ID 3744

Attractive land sale in Lalitpur
रु. 29,50,000 /Aana

0-4-2-3 Aana 20 ft Road

Jharuwarashi / Nagdaha 13 Godawari, Lalitpur

Tulasa ID 3737

Land for Sale Near Imadol Swimming Pool and Kist Hospital at Imadol, Mahalaxmi Municipality - 1, Lalitpur, 1.5 KM from Gwarko Chowk Ring Road
रु. 49,99,999 /Aana

6 Aana 13 ft Road

Imadol, Near Imadol Swimming Pool & Kist Hospital 1 Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur

Samir ID 3665

Chepest land for sale on mainroad
रु. 26,50,000 /Aana

0-5-1-0 9mtr Road

Jhawarashi 13 Godawari Muncipility , Lalitpur

krishna ID 3656

Lalitpur ma sasto ma 4 aana jagga
रु. 16,00,000 /Aana

4 aana 13 ft Road

Chapagaun Godawari, Lalitpur

Surajan ID 3609

Godavari  Single plot 26 Anna, Land for sale - Negotiable
रु. 10 /Aana

26 Anna Raj kulo Road

Dolphin English school 3 Godawari, Lalitpur

Mr.Ashok Pratab Kumar ID 3599

Dhapakhel land
रु. 24,00,000 /Aana

5.1 13ft Road

nagdaha 24 LMC, Lalitpur


Residental land on sale thecho lalitpur 9 ana
रु. 29,00,000 /Aana

2180.25 13 ft Road

Thecho 12 Godawari, Lalitpur

gurung raj ID 3507

Land for sale in Sanagaun Bishnudol, Lalitpur, Nepal at very low price.
रु. 18,00,000 /Aana

45 Aana 26ft Road

Sanagaun, Bishnudol 8 Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur

Property Portal Nepal ID 3496

Attractive semi-commercial land on sale
रु. 55,00,000 /Aana

1800 20 ft Road

Imadol Mahalaxmi, Lalitpur

waiyen waiyen ID 3474

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Land for sale in Lalitpur & Jagga bikrima Lalitpur

Browse an extensive selection of over 200 new land for sale in Lalitpur, Nepal. Discover a wide range of lands with prices ranging from 10 lakhs to 80 lakhs per aana. Explore popular locations including Balkumari, Bhaisepati, Chapagaun, Dhapaheight Dhapakhel, Dhobighat, Dholahiti, Godawari, Gwarko, Harisiddhi, Hattiban, Imadol, Jhamsikhel, Khumaltar, Kumaripati, Kupondol, Lubhu, Nakhipot, Nakhu, Sanagaun, Satdobato, Setipakha, Sunakothi, Thaiba, Tikathali, and many more. Find your perfect piece of land for sale in Lalitpur and take advantage of exciting real estate opportunities.